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Cook books/sites

I'm looking for some new recipes to try out. Does anyone know of a website or a cookbook that has a lot of different types of recipes?
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I've been on tons of sites but these are my favs...

All Recipes
Food TV
Lol, I was going to recommend www.allrecipes.com but someone beat me to it! I use that site a lot and it is user friendly. Great community by the way!

There's usually one new recipe per week, but the forums are a LOT of fun
www.recipesource.com is another great one.

I have a ton of recipes on my computer and am currently sorting them into a cookbook of sorts. I'm nearly done and will probably hopefully finish it next week. Do you want the files when I'm finished? :-)

(That being said, it's never completely *done* because I always find new recipes, but I'm going to try to get all the recipes I still have downloaded and not sorted actually sorted next week.)
That sounds awesome

You should post a few of the ones you liked the most on the main board. (under and lj-cut of course) ;-)
It would be so hard to decide! I'll take a look at them later. :-)
i have a yahoo group
to date i have over 2300 recipes posted