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Hi, I am new and I joined specifically to ask this question:

I moved into my first apartment one year ago, and bought several new towels to take with me. The first few times I used them, little strings and threads stuck to me. I thought, well, they just need to be washed. One year later, they still shed like crazy. I have no idea what to do. I am a college student and can't afford to own many towels, so the fact that half of them shed onto me is quite a big problem. I have tried lint-rolling the entire things before use, and they still do it! Any advice?

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sad to say, but I think you bought some bunk towels. Try buying middle of the road priced ones, they shouldn't do that. I recommend bath sheets. they rock.
Had the same problem!! i understand-i am a college student too! I just kept washing and washing! the fuzzies eventually went away! The cheap towels at Wal- mart and the dollar store have proved to be the best towels that i have and the ones that I find myself reaching for before the big thick expensive ones and they never left a fuzzy! A lot of them i have had for 6+ years so durability and quality have never been an issue. I also wash all my towels in warm water but i dont know if this would make a difference. Hope this helps and all your fuzzies disappear!