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another towel problem

I have this new bath towel, used it and it seems to have been treated with something - because it just won't dry me at all. I've washed it in the machine twice and there's been no difference. What do I treat it with to get this stuff off and make it absorbent like it should be?
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I've had some towels like this- let me guess, did it have a really soft and silky feel in the store? Those soft towels don't dry worth a flip, they eventually do once washed a zillion times. When I look for a towel I try to find terry that feels rather rough- because it hasn't been treated and absorbs like nothing else.
Did you wash before hand? If you used fabric softerner...it ruins the absorbancy
I understand your problem competely! Seems to me the nice expensive towel don't dry you off and can leave fuzzies all over you! this used to make me so mad. My husband and I received like 50 towels when we got married and i kept them all because we needed them and you can always put them up and get them out when you need new towels! The only thing that solved our problem was repeated washing and drying. Eventually they dried us off and no more fuzzies. I guess you just have to break them in like a new pair of shoes. But i have discovered the best towels that i have are the cheap ones from Wal-Mart and The Dollar Store and they dried us off after the first wash! Hope this helps! Keep washing- they will get better.